I have 3 pairs bred this year and one clutch in the incubator so far. If you are interested please go to my contact page and send me a message. You can also go to my For Sale page and see what I have available.

Pairs I bred this year:

  • RBE Pastel Toffeebelly Male x Anaconda female 66% Het Albino. I should get anacondas and normals that can possibly be pastel and also 100% Het Toffeebelly.
  • 100% het snow (albino and axanthic) male x 100%het snow female. I can get normals that are possible het snow, albino possible het snow, axanthic possible het snow, and a small chance of snows.
  • Albino male x 100% het albino female. I will get 50% albinos and 50% Normal Het albinos. She has layed 19 eggs that are due to hatch in May.

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